About Doctor Frank

Dr. Frank D’Ambrosio is one of the world’s leading campaigners for policy reform on the use of medical cannabis.  A surgeon for over 30 years, he witnessed patient after patient suffering from chronic pain following surgery which often left them with a long-term dependency on prescription medicines.

After deciding to look into alternative forms of pain relief, Dr. Frank became fascinated by the science behind medicinal cannabis and its proven success in treating a range of medical conditions – from everyday ailments to chronic diseases. Today, as well as being a renowned advocate, for the last six years he has dedicated his medical practice to helping patients throughout the United States incorporate medical cannabis into their daily health routines. 

The momentum around medical marijuana is growing, and on 12th November 2018 Dr. Frank flew to Geneva to contribute research and analysis to the World Health Organisation’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, which will report back to the United Nations.  Dr Frank gave evidence from his five-year research, 4,287 patient survey entitled: ‘Can Cannabis Be Used To Replace Addictive Pharmaceuticals?’

On the 18thJune 2018, Dr. Frank addressed the British Parliament meeting MPs and many of the patients who have been campaigning for change. On Wednesday 14thNovember 2018, he will return.  Whilst medical marijuana has now been legalized in the UK, the fight is not yet over.  Dr. Frank stated:

“The barriers for getting treated are still very high. Hospital specialists have been briefed to administer medical cannabis as a measure of last resort and patients are fighting against ignorance on the part of doctors whilst being pummelled by the Big Pharma opioid lobbyists. It’s still very much an uphill struggle. There’s a long way to go before the UK follows the lead of the US and most recently Canada”.

You can download and read Dr. Frank Ambrosio’s full research findings here

Cannabis Recs and Teenagers

Dr Frank talks about the inconsistency of the laws regarding cannabis in the United States and some of the problems its causing especially in relation to teenagers getting doctors medical recommendation letters – an issue that he receives a lot of calls about from worried parents.